Pinterest Looks to Generate Profits for Social Media Sharing Site

Social media websites operate on the fundamental principle that they are free for users. People can simply sign up and network with others, which is what makes them so attractive. Still, there is a need for these sites to make money. Companies like Facebook have developed monetizing methods and started featuring on-site advertisements to help create revenues and keep the site free for users. As more social networks grow and change with time, they’re seeking the same benefit. Pinterest is the latest in social media websites looking to add paid advertising as a means of making a profit from their social sharing website.

Pinterest is a photo sharing site that allows users to “pin” their favorite images and ideas to various boards. Initially offered exclusively by Facebook invitation only, the company did a good job of building the hype around the site. The initial focus was on keeping up with growth and changing tech trends, but now the founder has noticed that it’s the time to cash in on their success with paid advertising and other sources of revenue that will help them get more from their site than just the gratification of creating a good social networking tool.

Other social media websites are making changes and moving forward to offer people the tools and assistance that they need. While Pinterest focuses on advertising and money-making opportunities, Twitter has been developing better search functions. Tumblr users will notice that the site now has real-time notifications. There are plenty of things going on in the world of social media. While most people are aware that sites have to make money somehow, a lot were surprised to see that Pinterest is now moving towards advertising.

Users can only hope that their first attempts at advertising go better than some social media sites experienced. The focus of their advertising and its integration into their website is what people will be watching in the coming months. The site, which has gained over $140 million for venture capital to date, is only expected to grow as more people use the site and find ways to enjoy its sharing features and content. With proper strategies, their advertising efforts should integrate seamlessly and allow users to continue enjoyment of the site without any hassles. As with all free websites, the method of advertising is going to be as important to the bottom line as the decision to advertise at all.

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