A Few Predictions for E-Commerce in 2018

Like other aspects of business, the e-commerce and retail industries are always changing. With these changes, you may see an influx of retail store closings due to higher demand for e-commerce.

Retail trends show that most people actually prefer to shop online than they do in brick and mortar stores which also lends to the drastic increase in e-commerce sales year after year.

Introduction of Chatbots

2018 will also see companies investing more into chatbot services to help control their customer service process. 80% of businesses are said to introduce chatbots to their e-commerce business over the next couple of years.

More Personalized

E-commerce will also become even more personalised and consumers will be able to shop their favourite brands easily and will be given more shopper-friendly shipping options and easier to follow return policies to continue to encourage them to purchase items online.


Subscriptions are expected to rise as well and are taking up a big sector of the e-commerce world. Subscriptions offer customers a real advantage over regular retail stores and retail stores will have to learn to adapt if they want to survive.

Online retailers are choosing to keep their original and traditional selling model while adding the subscription service as extra which allows them to cater to more people.

While the trends may constantly shift and change over the years, e-commerce is continuing to see success and have held many advantages over traditional brick and mortar retail stores. These trends are predicted to continue to rise over the next several years.