Proving Cheaper Isn’t Better: How to Raise Your Prices AND Attract More Customers

Customers think they want the cheapest option. They think they want to save their money, right up until they see how little that money buys them. Everyone’s ready to go with the least expensive agency, until they realize how sloppy that agency’s work is.

That’s because good businesses need more money to function properly. By embracing the “get what you pay for” mindset, you’ll be able to raise your prices while attracting more customers.

1) It’s not pricey, it’s premium!

The best way to bring in more clients while still earning a good income is to compete based on service, not price. Customers come to you because you’re the best at what you do. You have the best customer service, the friendliest support, and the most knowledgeable and hardworking employees.

But knowledgeable and hardworking employees aren’t free. You need to pay them more, and in turn charge your clients more. Clients are more willing to part with their pay packets when they’re getting the best service around. Offer the best and you’ll be able to keep your customers and your living wage.

2) Find your niche!

Don’t compete with more businesses than you have to. Why cast a net so wide that every business owner on the block can fit in and steal clients away from you? Find a specialization and make a name for yourself. Find out where gaps exist in the industry, build up your services, and make your business into an exclusive boutique clients won’t mind paying for.

3) In marketing, quality goes the distance!

Read up on the most up-to-date internet marketing strategies. Use testimonials on your website, learn how to use a mailing list properly, and if marketing isn’t your strong suit, work with a professional to get you going. Learning how to talk to clients effectively is a huge part of selling your product, so make sure you’re saying the right things!

You know what your work is worth, and quality clients know top-level work is worth the extra money. Don’t sell yourself short!