Reaching Your Customers On Facebook

If you’re still buying lists to figure out just what it is your customers are after, you may be a step or two behind. So before you purchase that next magical list that is going to reveal your customers’ buying habits and product preferences, continue turning your advertising attentions to social media instead. More specifically, consider turning your advertising attention to Facebook.

When it comes to marketing, social media matters. Facebook has partnered with data mavens Epsilon, Acxiom, and Datalogix, thereby enabling companies to harness data gathered from all over the map. This includes shopper loyalty programs, credit card data, government records, and sweepstakes entries. When you use Facebook’s Partner Categories, you are granted easy access to all of this data.

What does this mean for your business? By understanding potential customers’ existing preferences, shopping habits, and more, you will be able to tailor your Facebook ads specifically to fit your target audience. No more advertising shots in the dark. Facebook has transformed social media marketing from a hit or miss free for all to a carefully targeted science.

Instead of using a pre-purchased list, which may or may not give you a slight inkling of what your possible customers are after, Facebook marketing allows you to target your customers practically by name. Do you own a catering company? Facebook’s advertising mechanism can provide you with access to consumers whose recent online industry indicates an interest in connecting with a catering company.

And Facebook marketing gets even more specific than that. In fact, if your business caters to white collar redheads who live in Sydney with two kids and a dog, Facebook can help you connect with these clients specifically. With its carefully honed marketing mechanism, Facebook has taken the hit or miss out of online advertising. Instead, the social media giant’s online marketing options are designed to put you in direct contact with your target audience.