Simple Ways Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Self-Sabotage

Often times, the biggest mistake an entrepreneur makes comes from self-sabotage. Fear or failure, fear of success, or just feelings of inadequacy can be the biggest hurdles in growing your business. Self-sabotage is surprisingly common among even the most successful entrepreneurs. So here are some ways that you can overcome the tendency to self-sabotage and focus on achieving success.

Evaluate The Legitimacy Of Your Fear

When you self-sabotage, it’s always a product of fear. So to overcome the tendency to self-sabotage, you need to overcome your fears. Start by thinking about your biggest fear, the absolute worst case scenario you can think of and write it down. Then look at that fear and really assess if it is realistic. A fear like “my business with fail and I’ll lose all my money and be homeless” is not a realistic fear. Your business may fail, but you still have the skills and experience to rejoin the workforce. Thinking about these fears can diminish them so they don’t drive your actions.

Take Some Time For Self-Care

Entrepreneurs run high 100% of the time and often don’t take the time necessary to take care of themselves. If you aren’t taking time to decompress and relax, your stress can snowball your fears leading to self-sabotage. Schedule some time for relaxation. Whether you do yoga, meditate, or go for a massage, taking care of yourself can help you refocus and help dispel any fears.

In the end, we all have fears. Being an entrepreneur is hard and has big risks. However, you’ll never know the full extent of your capabilities if you self-sabotage. Rather than setting yourself up for failure, surprise yourself with your successes. Take time to centre, calm down, and really focus on the realities in front of you, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can achieve your goals.