Smart Tactics for Increasing Business with Twitter

Twitter is a well known social media site that can be very useful for driving traffic to your business. Most people who are setting up a Twitter profile simply worry about the tweets that they’ll be posting. This is certainly an important concern, but not the only feature that you need to work on. When you have a new follower, he or she is most likely going to view your personal profile first. If your profile looks unprofessional, you won’t get a follower from it. Visitors will also see your profile page if they’re looking to read through a complete summary of your past tweets.

When a visitor goes to your profile page, there a few key pieces of information at the top that should be optimized for marketing success. Firstly, make sure that you include a clear and professional-looking photo for your profile. If you’re not marketing yourself, this photo could be your business logo. Just make sure that it’s still easy to see. If there’s a lot of text on the logo, it shouldn’t be too small to read when viewed on your Twitter profile. Logos need to be customized for various social media sites so you’re always putting your best food forward.

Below your photo, you’ll see a short bio on your twitter profile. This snippet of information is limited to 160 characters, including spaces. This necessitates a very concise and poignant summary of your business. This isn’t the space for a lot of empty adjectives. Get to the point and include the bare bones information that your readers need to know. Don’t tell them that you make “sweet and delicious” cookies at your bakery. They’ll be able to assume that the cookies taste good, or at least that you would say so. Instead, mention that you bake “organic, vegan” products, as this information is much more relevant.

As you’re putting together your bio, try to save a few characters for one final feature that will greatly optimize your Twitter profile. You can include a link right in your 160-character bio. This is a great place to link to your most recent webinar, new products, or a press release. Ideally, this page will also have an opt-in that allows visitors to sign up for a newsletter, get a free sample, order a catalogue, or otherwise interact positively with your company. Include a different link in the web page field below your bio so you can offer two links in one small space through Twitter.

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