How To Stay Focused On Work

We always talk about the importance of doing good work, especially when that work is starting our own business. But one thing people often forget when talking about increased productivity is the mental state you need to maintain. Focus seems like an abstract concept, but having focus and concentrating that on the task at hand can often mean the difference between doing a great job in 15 minutes, and spending the day browsing the Internet. You can call it focus, or being “in the zone,” or even just feeling inspired, but the ability to look at the task at hand and concentrate only on that is a valuable trait have. And you can cultivate it with a few easy steps.

Set A Song On Endless Repeat

If you’re the type that finds it easier to work with music in the background, then try taking your favourite work song and playing it over and over again. Music in the background can often act as a barrier to external distractions, and playing the same song makes it more familiar and easier to ignore on certain conscious levels, allowing your brain to devote more attention to the task at hand.

Be Disciplined

This falls under “easy to say, but hard to do.” Everyone understands the value of discipline, but exercising it can be tough. Try to stick to a regular schedule, or devote your efforts to getting the difficult jobs out of the way first, rather than last. Win the war against procrastination and don’t put too many things off.

Divide Your Workload

Don’t do a massive task or collection of tasks all at once. Few things remain intimidating or nearly impossible to achieve when they are broken down into a smaller collection of tasks. Allocate time to different tasks in smaller numbers so your attention doesn’t wander from hours of doing the same thing.