Surprise Your Customers With A Little Appreciation

Customers love to feel a little appreciation now and again, but in reality, who doesn’t? For businesses today, the way you show your customers how you feel about them can really set you apart from others in a competitive online world.

So, how can you show your customers what they mean to you? A few appreciation tips include:

  • Use handwritten notes – Few showings of appreciation are more personal or meaningful than a hand-written note. These can be sent with first orders, to repeat customers, or to customers who have reached new tiers on a loyalty level system, but regardless of when you choose to send them, they’re sure to make an impact. These notes can be short and sweet, or a bit wordier, but they should always be personal and always hand-written.
  • Slip in a little gift – You’re already boxing it up and shipping it out, so why not include a little something special to show your appreciation? This can be a promo code card for use on a future order, a small packet of candy, or a sample of a new product. Everyone loves a little surprise now and again, and this is the perfect way to treat your customers to that same delight.
  • Give the customer some time to shine – Using your social media platforms, you really have a unique opportunity to allow your customers to shine. Highlight customer posts and tags on Instagram, share posts on Facebook, or retweet customer tweets and give your customers a bit of a public showing of appreciation.

With the right showing of appreciation, your customers will know they’ve made the right choice investing in your brand. Using a touch of creativity, the impact of your appreciation can reach far and wide to put your business in a positive light with your audiences.