The Best Apps to Use for Your Business

Whether you just started your business or it is well-established, you should always look for ways to streamline your day-to-day processes and activities. Fortunately, with all the new technology currently available, it is easy to find the best apps to use for your business to do just this.


Accounting is one of the more important aspects of a business and can also prove to be the most complex. These accounting apps can help with basic bookkeeping tasks, invoicing, payroll, and more.

  • QuickBooks Online: This is simple yet powerful software that helps streamline business processes like tax accounting, payroll, profit analysis, and inventory management.
  • FreshBooks: This software focuses more on invoicing and pricing. It is considered one of the better mobile app options for small businesses.
  • Wave: This is a free accounting software system. It is run on an online-based platform and can be used on a mobile device for invoicing and receipts.

Inventory Management

If your business sells products, you want the best inventory management system to track stock, keep track of purchase orders, and ensure the sales end of your business runs smoothly.

  • SOS Inventory: This software can be used for inventory tracking, manufacturing, and order management. It easily integrates with QuickBooks and Shopify.
  • Delivrd: This is an online-based inventory management app your business can utilize for free. It helps keep track of stock, transaction history and sends stock alerts.


A payment app is important for ensuring you are paid on time.

  • Square: This improves how a business processes credit card transactions and comes with a mobile POS and card swiper.
  • PayPal Here: This point-of-sale business app can process credit cards, checks, and invoices.