The Best Products For International Drop Shipping

If you are looking to expand into retail, but you want to expand into the international market, there are tons of great opportunities for drop shipping. Essentially, you just need to define your niche, select a product for the market, and work from there.

Here are some starter products for anyone who is interested in drop shipping internationally:

Products for drop shipping America:

T-shirts: Americans love t-shirts. There are tons of t-shirt and cotton-product manufacturers across the United States, finding your brand within this is the simplest way to work your way into clothing retail. Whether you want screen print quality shirts or offer everyday cotton wear, you can find a distributor and work with them for drop shipping their product. The best part is that clothing is a very affordable product for drop shipping.

Plants: Succulents are great accessories for any home and find their way into pretty much every visual advertisement these days. Wholesale sellers of succulents can sell their little friends across state lines and easily ship. There’s the added bonus that houseplants purify the air of any home and are extremely easy to take care of. These chic plants make wonderful decor and are currently highly sought after!

Products for drop shipping United Kingdom:

Ceramics: In the United Kingdom, you can easily drop ship local products that are either fired, for decorative or flatware uses or unfired for home crafting ideas. Plenty of people are looking for family-friendly hobbies, and self-personalized ceramics are a highly sought-after family craft. Retailing locally made products like plates and mugs that can be easily personalized for any home is a great way to break into.

Leather Goods: Boots, jackets, handbags, and belts are hugely popular in the United Kingdom because of the weather and history of leatherworking. Finding a leather maker is simple and the products ship without hassle. Focusing on quality over quantity and you’ll be able to sell leather goods easily.

Products for drop shipping Australia:

Wood products: From knife handles to wooden spoons, there are plenty of manufacturers looking for retailers to sell their products. Wood concepts are chic for home decor and practical for everyday items, so it’s not hard to find a carpentry retailer that is looking to work with someone who is interested in drop shipping Australia.

Metals: Metal jewelry and other customizable items are great for starting your own shop. From customizable belt buckles to necklaces to jacket pins, it’s not hard to find a metallurgist who produces high-quality products en masse for you to then turn around to drop ship an interested audience.

With these products, drop shipping in the international market is simple. If you are interested in learning more about drop shipping and how to source products that capture the attention of your international consumers, contact us. Our business advisors can help you through every part of the retail process and help you target and develop your local market.