The Impact of Influencers in Businesses

Recent research has found that if marketing firms spend just one percent more on influencer marketing for their brand, they would potentially see a 0.5 percent increase in consumer engagement.

Influencers Boost Traffic

Influencers are just that—influential. They can mobilize an audience and convey a brand’s key message to the target audience. More successful influencers have a place in their own niche and communicate with their audience to get them to take action.

More than 92 percent of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations from influencers above other sources of info. So, when you choose the right influencer for your business, you can better align with their audience.

Consumers Consider an Influencer’s Opinion Valuable

Influencers share valuable information with a target audience about specific products or services they are looking for. Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing marketing channel and is pivotal in content creation, promotion, and product launches for a business. They share authentic content about your brand and help the business build a strong online presence.

Influencers Increase Conversions

In addition to increasing website traffic, influencer marketing also helps with conversions. More people are spending time online, and more than 84 percent have made purchases based on an influencer’s recommendation. This goes beyond simple brand awareness. It brings more potential customers to the sales funnel.

Influencers Create Memorable Experiences

Influencers also help create memorable brand experiences, generating engagement, extending reach, and creating brand loyalty. Influencers become a brand’s sales rep, generating real growth for a business and helping generate more sales.

Businesses investing more money into influencer marketing strategies find that their investment is bringing in more online presence, leads, and growth. With these positives, we can expect influencer marketing budgets to increase over the next year as they become more of a trusted resource for consumers.