The Impact Of Live Chat On Your Average Order Values

When you think of live chat, you may not consider how the presence of a live chat can affect your average order value. However, just like shopping in-store provides the benefit of live associates to talk to, live chat provides the same convenient service on an online platform. Some of the ways live chat can improve your average order value are:

  • Facilitating engagement – Ecommerce has created a convenient experience, this is something that no one can deny, but what it’s also created is a more hands-off experience at the same time. When you’re in need while shopping in a live store, you can reach for an associate to help you with whatever you may need – an offering not always present on an online platform. Live chat provides just that in an online environment, facilitating engagement and making consumer decisions easier.
  • An ability to personally greet customers – When walking into a live store, you’re often met with a friendly greeting by associates letting you know that they’re there for you. Online chat provides the same friendly personalized greeting each time a visitor lands on your page.
  • Easier upselling and cross-selling – Live chat also offers brands a way to cross-sell and upsell in a convenient and effective way. Both upselling and cross-selling works to directly boost revenue, increasing order values in a direct way. With live chat, a cross-selling or upselling opportunity would work simply. A customer adds an item to their cart, like an e-reader. The live chat program would be able to laser focus suggestions for the product like a 3 year warranty or an e-reader case, which they may then add to their purchase for a higher order value.

Live chat acts as the customer service associate experience missing from the online shopping atmosphere. With custom personalized greetings, suggestions, and live help, live chat bridges the gap between the hands-off experience online and the hands-on experience in-store while never skimping on convenience.