The Importance Of Blogging For Ecommerce Brands

For today’s ecommerce brands, many are wondering if blogs are really a necessity to keep your business successful. In order to answer these questions, it pay to take a look at a few important statistics:

  • Over 50% of regular blog readers are also regular online shoppers
  • 60% of customers feel a deeper connection with a brand after looking into their blog post content
  • Nearly half of online shoppers read 3 to 5 blog articles before engaging or interacting with a particular ecommerce business
  • 61% look for confidence in their buying decisions by seeking out information found in blog posts.

What do these statistics tell us? Well, simply put, they tell us that it is important for today’s ecommerce brands to prioritize blogging in creating their online presence. Your blog will do a number of things for your business, and some of these you may not quite realize.

First, your blog will serve as your voice to your customers. It allows you to communicate with them regularly by providing interesting and relevant content they can interact with. Some may wonder if this is what social media is for, and while social media is for engagement and connection, it doesn’t go quite as in depth as a blog has the ability to do. Through your blog, your customers will first experience your personality, voice, and expertise.

Finally, your blog will also help to put you on the map – quite literally. The keywords and content you publish on your blog will make you more searchable on today’s top search engines, so customers with questions or looking for the type of content you provide will be able to find your brand that much easier. A customer looking for benefits of natural skincare will plug certain terms into Google, and your article on natural skincare will pop up to lead them to your products.