5 Effective Ways to Gain More Google Reviews

Did you know that more than 90% of consumers will read a review before making a purchase decision? Stars and ratings can increase revenue by 7%, and if the product has at least five reviews, the consumer is way more likely to make the purchase.

For these reasons, you want to learn some of the more effective ways to gain Google reviews, and we are here to show you how.

1. Add a Google Reviews Page

When you have social proof and positive feedback to share on your site, consumers will look through it, and it will positively influence their actions. So, sharing a Google Reviews page on your site with a direct link for consumers is highly effective and makes it even more likely that they will leave a review themselves.

2. Use Follow-Up Emails

Sending a personalized follow-up email after a purchase is a good practice and provides the opportunity for you to request that the customer adds a Google My Business review. Make sure to include a direct link for the customer to click on and leave their review.

3. SMS Messaging

If you have your customer’s mobile numbers and permission to use them, send them a polite request to review your company and products after purchasing. These texts should be sent out a few days after the purchase.

4. Google My Business Link

Add a link to your Google My Business page to your email signature. This helps build trust with your customers, and the link gives them an easy opportunity to learn more about your company and its reputation.

5. Use Google Review Software

Google review software is a great way to keep track of your Google My Business reviews and stay on top of your company’s online reputation.

With just a few of these tips, you can gain more Google reviews easily and watch how they can help you successfully grow your business and customer base.