The Psychological Factors That Lead To Site Conversion

There are certain psychological trigger factors that make people want to take action. When you’re wondering just why a certain type of content is able to go viral, it’s these triggers that you’ll need to look at or look for. These triggers give particular content value, and this is the value you’re looking for to influence your audiences to act by sharing.

There are 4 specific triggers to look for:

  • Avoid pain, provide pleasure – Articles that talk about making money online for free, a video of a kitten playing with a piece of cat food – what do these two often viral things have in common? They provide a promise of pleasure without any risk of pain. The kitten video will please you without stress or sadness, the money making article will teach you strategies to earn without much work. Content that promises pleasure without pain is content people will want to share.
  • Pique their curiosity – Humans are naturally curious creatures, and anything that can provide some interest is sure to cause action. Rather than offering content on a platter, it might be more beneficial to offer an interesting story, factoid, or tidbit if you’re looking for shares and conversions.
  • Use emotions justified with logic – Emotions draw them into your content, logic leads them to take action. Using emotion, give audiences a reason to naturally connect, and using logic give them a reason to invest or share.
  • Create a community – Like curiosity, community is another part of human nature. We have communities of friends, family, and co-workers in our lives every day that play important roles in our happiness. If your content can create a sense of community or belonging, it’s content that is likely to be shared, acted upon, or engaged with.