The Top Four Ways to Discover Your Inner Strengths

In order to find your inner strengths and passions – the ones you can use to make your life into what you dream about – there are four things you need to do.

1. First, you’ve got to pay attention to what makes you happy and excited. Don’t focus your life and business on things you really don’t care about or don’t feel much for. You should make your passion what you do to make money, and then you’ll never feel like you’re really working. You’ll have more joy, and you’ll be using the strengths you have on the inside to accomplish a lot in your life.

2. Second, it’s very important that you let go of job titles. Don’t let what you’re called at work define you. It’s very important that you explore all kinds of roles so you can locate the gifts that you have locked inside of you. It’s not necessary to leave your gifts there, on the inside, just because they may not fit into the box that is your job title. Let those gifts shine. It’s one of the best ways to see what your strengths are and then put those strengths to use.

3. Third, see what makes you unique. You’re not like everyone else, and there are things you do differently. Find out what those things are, because there’s a reason you do them in a different way. It’s because they matter to you, or because you’ve found something that’s much more efficient than the way other people perform the same task. When you use strengths that are uniquely yours, you’ll stand out and people will recognize your talents and abilities. You’ll see those abilities, too, and when you can see and talk about how you feel differently in those moments you’ll be able to visualize your strengths and use them more effectively.

4. Fourth, think about how you phrase things. You don’t want your strengths to sound like everyone else’s. They’re unique, and so are you. Make sure you come up with phrasing that indicates that uniqueness when you’re asked about the strengths you have. Giving names to your strengths also helps you to visualize them better and use them to relate to other strengths that you want to develop. If you just say you’re “committed” or you “have passion,” those are things that everyone says. Think outside the box, instead, and you’ll find the inner strengths you have. Then you can use them to help yourself and others.

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