The Truth about MLM Opportunities

A lot of people see “MLM” and immediately assume that it’s a bad word in terms of marketing and online business. The reality is that while a few bad apples have given this industry a less-than-stellar reputation, there is still a lot to gain. Many of the oldest companies and organisations in the world today have a “pyramid” business model and have proven to create success over the years. Just because companies are now doing much faster and easier via the internet doesn’t make it any less valuable. There are MLM schemes out there, but the majority of them are legitimate business opportunities.

Look at companies like Mary Kay and the Body Shop. These companies give people the chance to earn income by selling their products. They also give them a chance to earn more income by recruiting other sellers. It’s the perfect way to sell products and market the business at once. A lot of these companies have created an effective structure that actually makes it much more affordable to pay people for their recruiting efforts than it would be to hire people themselves.

In addition to earning income from sales and recruits, MLM employees also earn a percentage of the profits from the sales of people that they recruit. All told, it’s a very effective business model when it is employed accordingly. Of course, there is also the need for the products or services to be useful. An MLM company is not going to be effective if it is only selling recruiting positions and doesn’t actually have a service or product that adds value to the world.

The goal of any successful MLM structured company is to create a product or service that consumers can believe in. Building a successful brand is the beginning of effective sales as an MLM organisation, or as any type of business for that matter. If people stop to look at the actual success of many MLM operations rather than focusing on the few bad apples out there, they’ll see that there is a lot of business success to be had when things are done correctly.

Before you judge an MLM opportunity or “home business” just because of its name, make sure that you check things out. More often than not, you’ll find hard-working people who have created a successful business model to take control of their financial future. This deserves praise, not the rampant criticism so many seem to want to give. For more information on multi-level marketing feel free to contact me via email

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