Three Timeless Marketing Tactics

Marketing has been around for decades, but some people think that just because the Internet is a relatively new frontier, it must require brand new techniques. To some degree that’s true; social media didn’t exist the way it does now, and that requires new ways of thinking. But saying that older established forms of marketing are now obsolete is denying yourself a lot of powerful tools. Here are three of the classics that still work today.

Word Of Mouth

Quite possibly one of the most powerful motivators in the world, with social media being just the latest digital expression of this, there’s no marketing like word of mouth marketing. When you get real, genuine people talking about your product or service, word spreads fast. When you get well known, influential people doing the same, it spreads even faster. Never, ever underestimate the power of word of mouth.

Persuasive Copy

The one that many people seem to forget in the information age is that HOW you present your information still counts. Writing copy with a persuasive style, argument, or, in the best cases, both, is still an incredibly effective weapon in convincing people to pay attention to you. When you can grab attention, make people listen and even change their minds, you’re ahead of the game. Being able to write or find people to write persuasive copy for you to do this is crucial.


Search engine optimisation has been with us since the dawn of the Internet, and it’s still just as important as ever. If you can take advantage of how search algorithms work, you can make your product or service easier to find. Being easier to find means a much higher likelihood of more sales and more popularity, creating a circle of positive feedback that keeps growing. Always make sure that you are SEO friendly if you want to give people the best chance of arriving at you when they look for the product or service you offer.