Tips To Make Your Social Media Marketing More Successful

Well done social media marketing can benefit any Australian business, no matter the industry a brand may be in. However, figuring out what “well done” means is where the problem often lies. One recent study has shown that, globally, 30% of all new web traffic earned on any given day has been driven in by a social media presence, making this one aspect that is just too large to ignore.

In order to craft an efficient and effective social media presence for your brand, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Custom formatting with Twitter – If you’re trying to build a presence using Twitter, it’s important to find a way to get your tweets noticed. While twitter is an extremely effective social media marketing tool, it can be easy for run-of-the-mill tweets to get lost in the never ending feed of new information, so custom formatting to catch the eye can help you to set yourself apart.
  • Take advantage of long posts – While this method may not work on Twitter with its 140 character limit, platforms like Google + and Facebook are great for crafting longer and more thought out posts, allowing you to engage with your audience more easily.
  • Don’t be afraid to cross platforms – Different social media platforms provide different benefits and different audiences, so never be afraid to take advantage of the plethora there are out there. For instance, having a Twitter account for short, sweet, tweets as well as a Facebook account for longer and more engaging posts is ideal.
  • Build a group – With Facebook especially, the group feature is a great one that can allow your readers or followers to customise their experience. With a Facebook group, they can even modify just what notifications they want to see as they are able to engage with your brand as well as like-minded individuals.