Tips on Keeping Customers

Many companies fall into the trap of focusing on new customers at the expense of those with existing loyalties. For true success, it’s important to pay as much or more attention to your existing customers. When they’re happy, they will often become the source of new business simply through their recommendations. You can make it even easier for satisfied customers to spread the word with share options on your blog and other pages. With one click, happy buyers can tell hundreds of friends about you via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. The question is how to keep your customers happy enough to share.

With the right perks, you can keep your customers perpetually within that honeymoon stage where they’re thrilled to be a part of your company. Try some of these tips to give customers the TLC they deserve.
• Recognize your frequent customers with special deals and promotions. Send free samples of new products to buyers who frequently purchase similar items. Offer coupons and discounts on subsequent purchases to keep them coming back.
• Make them feel like a part of the company. Offer an insider newsletter or maintain a regularly updated blog. Use these resources to give your customers a behind the scenes look at research and development, a tour of your headquarters, or other exclusive insights.
• Connect with the customer unexpectedly. Birthday cards, holiday gifts, and other timely extras will remind customers of your business in a pleasant way. Be as creative as possible. If you sell pet supplies, send cards to celebrate adoption anniversaries for dogs or cats in the household. If you sell sports memorabilia, connect with fans when their team is on a winning streak to celebrate.
• Keep the lines of communication open. You can make the most of any situation by being open and honest with customers about it. Let them know about glitches or down time well in advance so they can plan around these small inconveniences. If you make a public mistake, own up and apologize. Treat customers like trusted friends.


When you take the time to care for your customers, you’re going to receive very real rewards in the form of future purchases and lifelong loyalty. Keep in mind that children will often continue with the same company their parents used for years. Never neglect current buyers for the sake of drawing in new clients and your business will grow on its own.

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