What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You?

It’s a given that no two entrepreneurs are ever alike in that their individual differences is what makes one unique from the other.  However, there is one common thread and that is the desire to achieve success in our everyday lives and our work as entrepreneurs.  However, success does not come easy and although some entrepreneurs achieve it, there are others who rarely do or are struggling continually.

The type of entrepreneur that you are typically has a lot to do with it.  Consider the 5 following types of entrepreneurs and determine which one you are compared to the type that you want to be:

  • The accomplished one – while building your business, you travel through every stage of entrepreneurship imaginable. You focus on creating your own legacy and have figured out the steps to achieving success in business.
  • The copycat – you try to copy the successes of other entrepreneurs. Although there is nothing wrong with following a particular success model, there is a very fine line between copying or mimicking and modelling.
  • The determined one – no matter what, you are going to make it as an entrepreneur. You realize that you don’t have to copy the successes of other entrepreneurs and see the value in owning and operating your own business.
  • The researcher – you constantly educate yourself in order to become more knowledgeable. Before you start a business, you spend hours researching different scenarios and the possible outcomes for different strategies.
  • The sceptic – you question the success of other entrepreneurs and think that they received some kind of luck along the way. You don’t believe that success is easily achieved without getting lucky at some point in time.

The bottom line here is to be honest with yourself and determine which type of entrepreneur you truly are.  Face the truth, don’t back down, and make any changes that are necessary.