What’s The Future Of The Physical Customer Experience?

As much as the Internet may dream of a day when no one ever goes to a brick and mortar building for any type of shopping, that’s probably not going to happen. The retail experience may have been changed by online retailers like Amazon, but this doesn’t mean the death of physical retail, just a change in how it’s going to work. One of the big changes people are thinking about is the customer experience. How will a customer in a physical store be treated in the future?

The Internet Of Things

You can’t talk about the real world and the Internet without bringing up the Internet of things, which is simply incorporating some kind of network ready Internet connection into everyday objects. Your thermostat in your home can now be adjusted even when you’re not there, via an app. That same Internet of things will eventually move into stores, letting customers use their devices to interact in a store in an “Internet-y” way. Some stores are already experimenting with eliminating the POS and letting purchases occur on an app.


The Internet may have gotten popular, but in the real world, robots still have appeal. With robotics finally getting more advanced, and people finding new uses for them all the time, such as letting them fly and calling them drones, we could be looking at robots as the new novelty experience that distinguishes online shopping from real world shopping.

More Online Functionality In Real Life

When people want to find the nearest café, their portable devices can give them a list of possible cafes, user reviews, and even explicit walking directions. When a person wants to find out if the store he or she is currently in has the TV being searched for, there might be a stock check available on an app, but no directions on how to get there. The retail shopping experience has to start embracing the online world. When shopping in the real world is as easy as Googling dinner options, it’s going to make a huge difference.