Where Social Proof Can Be Leveraged to Drive Sales

Social proof involves proving to your potential customers that you are the right company and you have the products they need. People often depend on the actions and behavior of others to determine their own actions and behaviors, and this is where you can use social proof to drive sales.

Optimize Product Pages

The product pages must be optimized to help leverage social proof. Including visuals, reviews, and tags add a more personal touch, shows the quality of the products you are offering, and makes it easier for customers to see what is popular.

Email Promotions

Email marketing is a good place to begin with social proof especially when it comes to those who have abandoned their carts. You can already see that there was an interest in the products and now it is time for the follow-up. Including customer testimonials in these follow-up emails is also useful for demonstrating social proof.

Social Sharing

One of the best places to leverage social proof is on social media platforms. Don’t share anything you don’t want to show off and make the sharing options visual. Using plugins showing real people help build trust with potential customers. You should also keep it simple. You don’t have to share more than a few social sharing buttons. Doing so can actually have a negative effect on your efforts and may even come off more like desperation.

Valuable Content

Offering valuable and user-generated content is also helpful and also adds even more value to your site. Share how many people have shared the information on social media, share quotes and interviews you have, and use user-generated content to show that what you are offering is valuable.

These are just a few of the more straightforward ways you can leverage social proof to increase your sales and provide even more value to your potential customers.