Why Do I Need A FAQ Page?

Whether you offer your customer base a service or a product, they’re going to have some questions. With all of the options and competition out there now with online shopping, the need for the customer to be informed about all of their purchasing decisions is more prevalent than ever. A FAQ page addresses all of these questions, and provides a more confident buying experience to your customers.

While your FAQ page does exist to answer common questions, that’s not all the power it holds. Your FAQ page will:

Take care of any purchasing anxieties your customers may have

  • Provide a confident shopping experience
  • Improve your site’s SEO
  • Earn trust between you and the customer
  • Show your personality through creative answering

Now that the importance of FAQ pages is laid out, you may be wondering “what should go into my FAQ page?” First and foremost, you should include all of those questions your business typically gets sent by email, phone call, or text. If you sell apparel, this might include sizing questions, if you sell cosmetics, this might include ingredient or allergy information. Make sure to cover the actual most frequently asked questions first in your FAQ page.

When answering your questions, let your personality shine through. This is where your customers will really get to know you and build trust with you, and you want them to get to know who you really are. Mixed into your answers, include keywords that make you more searchable on Google and other search engines, and make sure your audiences can find you and get to know you at the same time. With a great FAQ page, you’ll find that your customer loyalty builds, and that you are who they turn to when they are looking for the service or product you provide.