Why Is Twitter’s Social Media Platform Your Start-Up’s Best Friend?

In today’s ever-changing business climate, it’s never been easier to measure your advertising campaign’s effectiveness.  This can easily be accomplished by utilising social media to engage an audience of faithful, loyal followers.  You have a lot of choices where social media platforms are concerned – Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., etc., etc.  But in order to be successful at the start-up level, Twitter is probably your best bet.

Case in point – setting up a Facebook page in the hopes of getting flooded with “likes” just isn’t going to happen.  The problem is that Facebook allows little or no room for creative genius. So your page winds up looking identical to all the other pages at the site.    On the other hand, here are 5 solid reasons why you want to be using Twitter:

  • Everything is relatively simple to do or use such as conducting research, creating newsfeeds that can be monitored continuously, and so on, when using Twitter.
  • Plan out the coming week’s messages and use a scheduling tool to provide the most current updates about your business or product and service offers using Twitter.
  • Re-tweet other content that interests you is a great way to build your profile if you don’t know what to tweet or if you’re nervous about tweeting for the first time.
  • The algorithms that Twitter uses are outstanding for finding the right people for you to follow. Best of all, there’s no exclusivity.
  • Most importantly, Twitter, more than any other social media platform out there, will provide instant responses when you discuss your products or services, engage your followers, and share information. In turn, this enhances your image.

The example of the Facebook page above illustrates the futility of using that method to market your products or services.  Conversely, Twitter is appealing, effective, and won’t deplete your marketing resources