Why Social Proof Matters in the eCommerce Environment

Social proof is the psychological and social phenomenon where people copy the actions of others to undertake behavior in any given situation. In the eCommerce world, this kind of science plays a key role in online marketing efforts because online shoppers tend to turn to online reviews to gain recommendations, compare branded content, and leave their own reviews.

Product-Specific Reviews

When people give their reviews and ratings on products, a three to five-star rating can garner a staggering 25% increase in clicks. People want to know what other customers think about the products they purchased and the service they received. It makes a powerful impact on the buying journey.


Reading feedback from others also help the products gain experience and recognition. Some even found that customer testimonials are some of the most powerful content that can be included on a site and can effectively boost content marketing effectiveness by over 80%.

Social Posts

Social media platforms and influencers are also significant components. This is where likes and shares are encouraged which ultimately helps with the branding of certain products in popular culture. If the masses are giving positive reviews, then it is influencing others to try these products as well.

Why Social Proof Matters

Studies have found that the impact of social proof is much greater for younger demographics while older demographics rely more on customer reviews they find online. Additionally, over 70% of potential customers will read through reviews prior to purchasing any products.

The experience of someone who has already used the products is one of the biggest influencing factors when it comes to a person’s buying decision. Social proof helps this by supplying helpful content that works to boost an eCommerce brand and garner a more positive reputation for the products being offered.