Writing An Effective About Us Page

You’ve seen it on every website you go to, whether it’s one person’s blog, or a large, multi-national corporation. There’s always one section you can click that usually says, “about us,” and explains what the company, or website is about. If you have your own company, you’ve doubtless already got such a page of your own. But are you really using this page to its maximum effectiveness? “About us,” isn’t just an explanation of who you are, it can be an important in-road to making sales. Here’s how.

Tell A Story

The “about us” page is not just a plain explanation of a company’s goals, although that should be embedded in the text somewhere. This page is also a way to do that most human and personal of things; tell a story to an audience. It is a chance for a company to explain how it came about, why it sells what it does, what beliefs carry the company forward, and a way to start building a consistent brand for a company and a product. This page should not simply be there because it is obligatory, it can be a crucial step in making a good first impression with customers and clients, so treat it as such, not as a footnote.

You Are The Protagonist

Treat your “about us” page as a way to introduce readers to a problem, with you and your staff being the “main characters” that are setting out to solve a problem, and your product or service being the solution that brings resolution to this problem. This way you encapsulate all the things that a good “about us” page should feature, including the people involved, the mission statement, and the product and/or service that is being offered. But by presenting it in a narrative form, you’ve made it easier and more engaging to read.